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Where it all began

Mar 12, 2021

Hi, I’m Jess and I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share my journey with you and I promise it will get prettier as the months go on.

So it’s the beginning of March 2021 and we are all still living through a global pandemic! March 2020 the world shut down and with it, so did my wedding floristry business. Jessica Rose Flowers had been running for 13 years and had seen two shops, freelancing, working from the kitchen table, renting a studio, a husband, two children and a dog (Lolly) 

When my work stopped, I had time to think and reset. I had been finding it harder to juggle the wedding work and the childcare for a while and although I had definitely not fallen out of love with flowers, I had fallen out of love with how my work was affecting my family life.

Over the last 5 years or so I had been growing more and more flowers in the garden and using British grown blooms as much as possible. The passion I had for growing was getting stronger.

“you are only happy when you are in the garden”, said my wonderful husband, that was all the encouragement “permission” I needed.

Luckily for me, our very good friends have a farm and after some discussion, they let me use some land for growing flowers. A strip of wheat field, about half an acre, and I had to create a flower farm to start selling flowers in Spring 2021. Slightly daunting as I was homeschooling children and the pandemic seemed to be worsening.

The field was ploughed, poly tunnel put up, perennials, shrubs, seeds, compost, tools etc etc were bought. I have literally spent ALL the money and now, I’m nearly ready…

… more to follow

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tulips, tulips everywhere

tulips, tulips everywhere

POP UP SHOP After the cold nights, warm days and very dry soil, my tulips are finally perfect. They are all utterly beautiful and I'm over the moon with the varieties I have chosen. I already know which ones I'm going to plant more of next year. So this Saturday, 24th...

first flower sales

first flower sales

And just like that, I have flowers for sale. But before I go on can I just talk about our crazy weather! I was watering the plants in a t-shirt and five minutes later was covered in snow, the tulips don't know whether to grow taller or shrink back inside their bulbs 😂...

Let the planting begin!

Let the planting begin!

As soon as I had the poly tunnel up, it must have been September 2020, the planting began. This plot has to start producing and selling flowers as soon as possible so I cracked right on with the sowing. Hardy annuals, biennials and even some annuals were all sown.