Jess and Lolly
Jess and Lolly

Hi and hello…

Hi and hello, let me tell you about Lolly and the Hare. I’m Jess and Lolly is my very soppy and slightly stupid Springer Spaniel, she’s 8 years old and if anyone can try to make sense of her behaviour and funny ways then there’s a bunch of flowers in it for you. She comes with me to the flower farm every day and if she sees that beautiful Hare then she is off running full pelt. The Hare on the other hand is merely jogging, I love to wonder what is going through their minds.

I was a florist for 13 years, working under the name of Jessica Rose Flowers. I firstly had my own shop and then when children came along I worked freelance, did small weddings from my kitchen table and eventually worked from a studio just doing weddings. I have had so many wonderful experiences and the people I have met along the way have been a dream. When I look back at the pictures of weddings I am truly grateful to all my Brides and Grooms for choosing me.

Over the last 5 years I have been more and more interested in growing flowers and using British grown blooms wherever possible too. I ran out of room in my garden and was desperate to grow more, but with a busy wedding floristry business and two children (and husband) to look after there really wasn’t the time. Then we had a global pandemic! Confined to my house and garden, I planted, planted and then planted a bit more for good measure until the family could take it no more so I rented some land. Well I say rented but the field belongs to our very good friends and I have yet to see an invoice show up anywhere…. I might be in for a nasty shock.

So I have spent ALL the money on polytunnels, plants, seeds, soil, tools and wellies and have been busily working away in a windy field while the world has been locked up and now as we are starting to come out of lockdown, the Cut Flower Garden is beginning to grow and bloom and I cannot wait to welcome people.

The can supply local wedding and event florists with beautiful, scented blooms and now that weddings seem likely to be happening soon; I am very excited about this. Also with my floristry experience, I can provide wedding flowers and arrangements to all the lucky Brides and Grooms who know the importance of using British grown flowers. I can also supply florist shops and farm shops with weekly mixed bouquets. I will have the flowers so whatever you need, please get in touch and I hope to welcome to to the farm very soon and Lolly will look forward to barking at you until you throw her ball or rub her belly.

Love Jess x